How to create a self-updating Resume.

In today’s world where employers are looking to hire the most creative and the stand- out person to hire. But most of us fail to deliver the 1st item of contact with the employer that is the resume.

Yes, resume building can be a challenge and as the world is changing constantly so is your resume. But what to do to make it stand out from other resumes.

So, I came up with and creative idea to connect to LinkedIn to Printed Resume. The only question was how do you do it. If you copy the long link nobody will type them in the browser just to check your LinkedIn profile.

Instead, I used an online QR code generator (links mentioned in the description below). What I did was generated a QR code of my LinkedIn Link and printed behind my resume. (Sample resume is given below). Now all the employer needs to do is to take out his smartphone which can read QR code and scan the link to see your LinkedIn profile.

For Link:

1.Open the Website:1.PNG

2.Copy your LinkedIn in profile:2.PNG will generate the QR code click on Download to download the Zip which should contain the image of the QR code:3.PNG

For sample QR code:

LinkedIn Profile.


Web Business Card.


“Note that you make sure you print it at the back to back so that it can deliver more impact. You can use any OR scanning app to scan the QR code which will direct the viewer to your LinkedIn profile.”

-Shenoy Mathew

If you scan the code via QR scanner it will take you to my LinkedIn profile and my web business card.

Let me know your views.


Shenoy Mathew.



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