Unorthodox style of nailing phone interview…

Apart from the regular preparation for a phone interview, The things I am about to share is something you will not find in the books. Phone Interview can be a nuisance. It is like going on a date with your eyes blindfold. From my personal experience, what I learned

Step 1.It’s ok to use Gap words: Gap word like “Ahh’s” and “Umm’s” are ok in an interview because we are obviously human. And our lingual thought maybe not as good as our speaking. One of the keys to reducing this gap word is not only to be confident but also be enthusiastic. Direct your confidence to enthusiasm about the job that you are applying. Considering from an interviewee standpoint who would he/she rather stuck on a plane with option A someone who knows the 24th digit of pi or option B someone who amuses him/her.

Step 2.Be a stalker: If you know who is going to take your interview. Then wear your Sherlock caps and start investigating use LinkedIn or Facebook know about their background although most of the times you would not find the exact person but if you do you have won half of the battle.

Step 3.Don’t try, Win! I hate people who say try, try but don’t cry. Look you are applying for the job interview and putting a lot of effort which if you put this much effort in the actual job you might get promoted.if you are not playing to win then you are not playing at all.

Step 4. Use Trigger words: This Technique is called developing a mental picture of yourself in the interviewee’s mind. For example: If the interviewee like to play chess (based on the stalking that you did in step 2 and you have a common interest in playing chess then usually during the closing time of the phone interview ask the interview “Do you play chess”. What you are doing is finding a common alignment between you and the interviewee. Now why this is important is explained in the next step.

Step 5. Know thy resume: The interviewee is not going to ask you personal questions like ‘tell me about yourself?’. He will straight up ask you question from the resume like the projects or your experience or achievements. Resume here will be your physical picture which the interviewee can actually see. Also, If you applied to thousands of job or you resume keeps on changing over the course. Then make sure you and the interviewee have the same resume or this will result in miscommunication and lead to failure in blind representation to the interviewee. Its ok if he does not have your latest resume. but make sure you have the same resume couldn’t stress more on it.

Step 6.Thank you note: Thank you note is generally send within 24 hrs. of the phone the interview. But I would suggest you send it within 2 hrs. of the interview. Now before sending the thank you note analyze your phone interview and mention those points.For example:

For example:

  • What was your + point?
  • What skills make you best suited for the job?
  • Which part was not seen but will be useful for the company?
  • Thanking for the opportunities with trigger words.

Now trigger words based on the step 4 examples like ‘Thank you for the opportunities I hope to hear from you soon and if time permits we can have a chess match to ourselves.’

So now if interviewee sees the mail this trigger words, which was chess, will activate the minds of interviewee about the interview he/she had and remember the plus point of the phone interview he/she had with you.

Now go and nail that phone interview!!

Let me know your view in the comments below,

I am your friendly PM!

Shenoy Mathew




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