7 software every project manager must have a knowledge of…

"This week I will be discussing the software that every project manager must have knowledge of. These tools are basically software that is frequently used by industry. However, there are many tools available online but most of them are derivative of the tools that we will be discussing. So if you are an entry-level project... Continue Reading →


Agile Vs Waterfall Management

-Introduction- This week I am going to discuss the difference between Agile and Waterfall Management. Now each of this project management methodologies has their own pros and cons but today I will discuss a basic concept to give you an overview of this methodologies -Waterfall Management- The waterfall is also known as the traditional management methodologies of... Continue Reading →

Interview Q&A Part-2: Project Management

Interview with a Healthcare company (Name confidential) The Question that was asked to me and what was my response to the following question. What is your leadership style and what are your project management guiding principles? My Leadership Style is coaching and democratic but once I get the flow of the organization I can vary... Continue Reading →

Identifying Scope Change

How do we know whether project scope change is really needed? What events, activities or other warning signs tell us project scope needs to be re-evaluated? For me, it is quite intriguing to know that identify scope change is a little bit like identifying risk the only difference is that scope change creates a tradeoff... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Scope Statement

1. What sections should the perfect scope statement contain? 2. Most projects find managing scope to be a challenge. What can we add to a scope statement that could help manage project scope better (if anything?) 3. If I ever had experience with scope statements, when has the scope statement worked particularly well, and why?... Continue Reading →

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